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July 6, 2009

Mulling Over Materials

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Up until now, I have been a staunchly 2D artist. But after my ecorche anatomy course, I am starting to get an itch to translate my images into 3D materials. There is nothing as satisfying as working on a project for a while and then ending up with a thing you can grasp in your hands.

I don’t quite know yet what I want to do, but these materials are tugging at me, with their unique kinds of beauty and personalities:

  • porcelain – translucency, whiteness, delicacy and strength
  • wood – warmth, capacity for curve, the energy of a lifetime stored within it
  • marble – grain, strength, light emanating from within
  • glass – solid liquid paradox and tactility
  • silver and brass – sun and moon, expressed as metal

But for now, I am circling around a packet of paper clay.

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