Studio Mysteries

April 19, 2009

Opening the Door

Filed under: Meta Matters — Anya Galkina - Studio Mysteries @ 10:51 pm

Hello and welcome to the Studio Mysteries blog!

In this space I (an artist) share with you (the world) what I am making, how it’s going, what I know about making art, and what I don’t know. (Identifying the latter is the first step towards going from ignorance to knowledge. The first of a really large amount of steps).

There is nothing more interesting than entering the studio, picking up your materials and seeing what unfolds. No, I mean it, nothing. Not even the world soccer championship, or Christmas. You know that moment just before you open a particularly promising box, that perfect balance between anticipation and the pleasure of finally discovering what’s inside? Entering the studio to start a new day of art-making is like that, only better because the mystery is infinite.


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