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November 21, 2009

Goals For The Next Stage

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I remember reading somewhere that being an artist is sort of like crossing a river one stone at a time. You only see as far ahead as the next rock. Sometimes, you don’t see ahead at all, but that’s usually due to the looker’s vision, not to lack of available stepping stones.

The last stone I saw in front of me was the necessity to plug my technical skill gaps, by studying academic drawing, painting and artistic anatomy. I can’t say I am done learning, because that would be silly, but I do know that I accomplished my goal of focused study at a world-class atelier for several months. (I would have preferred several years, but several months are still absolutely and utterly invaluable).

Now it’s time to set new goals. Broadly speaking, they are:
– cement and apply my recent learning via creating a new substantial body of work (paintings and drawings).
– take steps to move my professional practice forward, by generating new teaching and exhibiting opportunities.

Here are specific steps I am going to take in order to accomplish these goals.
Body of work
1. Produce a series of small paintings on the theme of beach, water and people.
2. Complete the three large multifigure drawings currently in my “in progress” pile, improving them with the techniques I learned.
3. Begin composing one new large multifigure drawing.

Professional practice
1. Become a member of a coop gallery.
2. Design and produce a website dedicated strictly to my art portfolio and practice, and enabling people to buy my work and associated merchandise online.
3. Prepare a course outline and materials to teach a course entitled Artistic Anatomy 101.
4. Apply to participate in the following annual art festivals: Riverdale Art Walk, Queen West Art Crawl, Toronto Annual Outdoor Exhibition.
5. Create an exhibition proposal and distribute it to publically funded venues.

Man, I’m excited.

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  1. Cool list! You’re right, setting out one’s goals is vital in order to make progress. If determination were an Olympic sport, you’d be a gold medal winner. It must be that time of year, as I’m making some evil plans of my own.

    Comment by InkSplodge! — November 30, 2009 @ 9:08 am

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